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With more than 16 years of temporary and permanent medical staffing experience, we can help you find talent from direct placement to per diem. We offer the highest level of quality assurance and maintain consistent flow of merited candidates by leveraging our multiple sourcing channels and running an effective referral and loyalty bonus program. It is our aim to deliver services that cultivate the vital elements of trust between you and your employees.

End-to-End Staffing Solutions

In the ever-changing healthcare sector where there are few healthcare professionals and countless jobs to fill, staffing the right candidates has become a daunting task. Even more so if you are in a career with many niches like healthcare. SAT Healthcare offers a comprehensive range of healthcare staffing and recruiting services.


From travel nurses for your acute-care facility to experienced home care nurses, you can leverage our wide pool of nurses to fill permenant, travel, per-diem, or interim positions.


We have a broad range of clinical specialists and offer comprehensive allied staffing solutions including permanent, travel, and temporary placement.


We have strict standards to assess the competency, skills and cultural fit of the candidates and we also tailor our screening process according to the client's specifications.


Non-clinical staff is essential to keeping your facilities running smoothly 24/7. SAT Healthcare has experience finding the best administrative talent.

Benefits of SAT Candidates

  • Background & Reference Checked
  • Pre-screened for Comm. Skills
  • Community Engagement Forums
  • RN/Practice Licenses Checked
  • Authorized to work in USA
  • Qualified and Certified
  • Specialists for Niche needs

Nursing & Healthcare Resources Portfolio

At SAT Healthcare we objectively restructure our services portfolio to match the increasing demands of our clients & partners. We have identified a broad range of healthcare staffing services demanded by our customers that include but not limited to:

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